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12.11.2020 - Lingerie Buying Guide: Shapes and Style

As the first thing you put on each morning and the last thing you take off at night, lingerie is a big part of our wardrobes.

The right set can make you feel more comfortable, confident and powerful – so why do so many of us find looking for lingerie so stressful?

Finding a bra and underwear seems like it should be straightforward, the reality is that there are more options than ever.

The key to navigating this increasingly complex market is identifying exactly what you want out of your lingerie, whether that be comfort, support and subtlety or something bold, enhancing and showstopping.

To help make it easier, we’ve put together the ultimate lingerie shopping guide, covering everything from shapes and styles to finally finding your perfect bra size.

Shapes of Bra:

Full Cup: Out of all the options, a full cup bra will give you the smoothest outline beneath your clothes. As the name suggests, it covers the entirety of the breast. The downside is that as the cups come up so high, they show under anything even remotely low-cut. Emma Cooke, junior buyer at Figleaves, recommends full cups to those looking for “more support and more coverage” from their lingerie, with larger cup sizes finding this the most comfortable shape.

Plunge: This is the complete opposite of a full cup bra, meeting at a low V-cut in the centre and leaving your cleavage bare. Emma recommends this shape for those with “narrow shoulders, shallow breasts or a convex ribcage.” It often comes with extra padding to give breasts more shape.

Demi: Solving the visibility issue of the full cup but with more coverage than a plunge, a demi bra comes up quite low, typically just about covering the nipple. The straps are also far apart, so there’s less risk of those poking out from your top. While this is great if you’re looking to boost your cleavage, it does mean that you’re sacrificing some support.
Balconette: The name is less self-explanatory, but it makes much more sense when you imagine your chest being propped up on a balcony. That’s what this bra does – with short cups and a horizontal top, it forces your breasts to sit more evenly and slightly higher than usual. As Emma explains, it is perfect for those “with fuller or wider set breasts that need to be lifted and supported well.”
Styles of Bra:

Underwire: When you imagine the average bra, it’s probably underwired. With a firm wire at the base of the bra, it offers constant support for every shape and size breast. But as anyone who’s ever worn a bra can attest to, these can grow uncomfortable with extensive use. If you don’t need the extra support, perhaps try another style.

Bralette: This is one of Emma’s top choices for smaller chests or those who dislike wired bras. Bralettes have become increasingly popular over the past few years for that very reason. They’re usually free of wires, padding and cups, offer full coverage and are more aesthetically pleasing than most bras. Some can even be worn as outerwear. The price you pay is less support.

T-shirt: A T-shirt bra is a reliable choice, sitting subtly beneath even the tightest of tops (hence the name). While they work for everybody type, Emma especially recommends them for those whose nipples point in different directions or who have different breast sizes, as it will even out your cleavage.

Push-up: A classic confidence booster, a push-up bra will lift your breasts and hold them closer together to accentuate your natural shape. These tend to be cut low on the breast to help emphasise cleavage, but actually offer a surprising amount of support. While they’re typically designed for those with smaller cup sizes, they’ll do the trick for just about anyone.

Strapless: Theoretically, strapless bras fit exactly like a regular bra, just without the straps. The goal is to give you the same amount of support while also offering more flexibility with your wardrobe. However, this is easier said than done – without straps, you just can’t get the same effect, and those with larger breasts may find that they have to readjust a strapless bra repeatedly throughout the day.

Racerback: Another bra style designed to hide your bra beneath awkward outfits. The straps will either criss-cross or converge in between your shoulder blades. Some may prefer to wear this style full time as it actually redistributes some of the weight of your breasts to your back. It offers lots of support and is usually very adjustable.

Experts at Boux Avenue, Figleaves and Tutti Rogue

Lingerie Articles:

Censory Lingerie - Supporting Breasts Throughout October

2nd October 2016 – Online store, Censory Lingerie is again supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating 20% of all sales to “Against Breast Cancer” along with 20% of their new catalogue/party sales and orders from their shops. Any new Facebook and Twitter followers will also be able to donate 50p just by joining Censory's page. Having commenced trading in 2009, Censory Lingerie supported Against Breast Cancer's pioneering research in 2012 as it is a cause very close to their heart. The Charity's research includes trialing and testing a vaccine to be available to women in order to prevent secondary breast cancers. The Charity commenced their research in 2012 with their main aims being to research new treatments, detect earlier secondary cancers and aid in reducing the risk. Censory Lingerie understands that not only does breast cancer affect women physically, but also emotionally and psychologically. This is also what it wants to draw attention to. For further information on Censory Lingerie's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, or to find out how to support them, visit their website at Alternatively, join them at to follow their releases throughout the month of October. In support of “Against Breast Cancer” Against Breast Cancer is registered charity number 1121258. The charity is dedicated to funding ground breaking research to improve detection and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis. Their ultimate goal is to discover a vaccine against breast cancer.

Black is Back at Censory Lingerie

You may have heard, but black is back for Winter! We are so excited that we can jazz up our older lingerie and still stay en-trend. Here is a new piece that has been added for the festive season! The bust and thong are encrusted with sequins and it is a simple yet chic design for any lingerie and nightwear fan! We just love it! For more details, click here:

Summer Colour Trends 2016 at Censory Lingerie

The Summer is now upon us and with it comes some sexy new colour trends! Most colours "go" this season from neutral and homely beige/browns through to hot pinks, lime greens and serene blues. According to Fashionising: "Consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium. While this need for stability is reflected in the composition of the palette, the inherent versatility of the individual colors allows for experimentation with new looks and color combinations.” For the brunette, indulge yourself in the earthly tones such as browns, beiges, golds, bronze and yellow. The coral and orange through to blush pink is a very popular choice. As are all green tones, turquoise and also purple. Choose yourself a lingerie set that either compliments or offsets your colouring. Metal tones are great for you! For redheads the greens are a must - including jade and khaki. Blacks and browns come next to compliment your skin colour and metal tones such as gold, silver and bronze are a great bet! You're bringing sexy black! Go for a lingerie teddy or bustier. If you're a blonde, blues are hot! Navy through to baby blue with turquiose too. Corals, pinks, greens and purples. Stay safer in earthy tones such as browns and beiges or offset with some black. Corsets are a popular choice teamed with some sexy stockings to Wow! your look. Be sure to check out the following coloured garments: Brunettes: Purple Sexy Lingerie Set Redheads: Green Satin Bustier Blondes: Baby Blue and White Gartered Chemise

Spring's Sexy Lingerie at his Fingertips! (17th March 2016)

With officially three days until Spring, it's time to diss the Winter warmers and let the Spring's sexy lingerie make it's appearance! At Censory, our ever-growing collection contains a multitude of sexy Spring bra sets, sizzling chemise nightwear and barely-there thongs ... all at rock bottom prices! With a choice of light materials to suit the season, you can choose from sheer mesh, light chiffon silk, lace or sexy fishnet. And if you're lucky enough to be getting wed this Spring, be sure to check out our range of Honeymoon and Bridal Lingerie for that special treat!

Merry Christmas to you all! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas! From all at Www.Censory.Co.Uk! (25th December 2015)

Breast Cancer Symptoms and How to Identify Them (24th October 2015) by Censory Lingerie

With breast cancer being the most widely diagnosed cancer amongst women, it is very important to be breast aware. It is a common belief that breast cancer runs in families or that it only affects women over the age of 50. This is incorrect. Out of the 135 people diagnosed daily, 1 in 5 women are under the age of 50, and 300 of the 50,000 diagnoses made every year are men. It is irrelevant how large or small your breasts are, so everybody should be breast aware and check their breasts on regular occasions to learn how they feel.

"I don't know what being breast aware is, what is it?"

Being breast aware is checking your breasts on regular occasions to know: • What shape and size your breasts are (Is one breast larger than the other, this is usually the case) • What shape and colour your nipples are • Can you feel tendons or your ribs from your chest • Do you have any lumps, bumps or moles in your armpits It is also good practice to check your bra size at the same time so that your bra is not damaging your breast tissue or causing indentations from being too tightly fitting. You will find our bra fitting guides here: "Is my Bra Too Small?" "Is my Bra Too Big?"

"What am I looking for?"

The most common symptoms of breast cancer, but not limited to the following, are: • A thickening of an area in the breast. This can result in a lump, or it may feel like thickening of the delicate breast tissue • A change in the shape or size of a breast • Dimpling of the skin on the breast • A swelling or lump in the armpit • A blood stained discharge from the nipple • A change in shape of the nipple, this may show as the nipple turning in or sinking into the breast • A rash on the nipple or surrounding area. The above symptoms can be signs of breast cancer, however our bodies do change over time, so it is always best to have the symptoms checked by a doctor or a mobile breast cancer clinic. It will take 5 minutes to be checked and will be peace of mind for you if it turns out to be nothing serious. All these symptoms should never be ignored. Certain times of a woman’s life results in natural changes in the breast tissue or breast pain. Breast pain is a usual symptom experienced during a woman’s menstrual cycle, however if the pain doesn't subside it is best to get it checked. Other times of change for women's breasts can be during puberty or during pregnancy/child birth. A quick check by your school nurse or midwife, if you are pregnant, will put your mind at ease.

"And what do I do if I find a symptom?"

The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat and the more likely treatment will be successful. Your doctor or nurse will be pleased to see that you are taking your breast awareness seriously and will be more than happy to settle your concerns, so book yourself an appointment. If you are not registered with a doctor's surgery, you can contact your local well-being centre or check here for a list of organisations compiled by the BBC of charities that will be more than willing to put you in the right direction: If you are over 50, you are likely to have regular mammograms at your local breast screening unit as part of the NHS Breast Screening Programme. If you are registered with a doctor's surgery you should receive your first invitation by your 53rd birthday, and every 3 years until you are 70. The program will be increasing the age range from 47 to 73 by 2016. Unfortunately, ladies under the age of 50 are not offered mammograms every 3 years as breast tissue is too dense for the screening to be successful. This is why it is very important that women under the age of 50 are breast aware and check their breasts regularly, but also for women to check between the screenings too for symptoms that may arise within the 3 year time gap.

"If you have a symptom which concerns you, it is very important not to be shy.... scream it from the rooftops! It is better for it to be nothing at all, than for it to be left undiagnosed."

"My mum / sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer, will I get it too?"

Although having a mother or sister who has been diagnosed with breast cancer approximately doubles the chance of another close relative being diagnosed too, only 2 in 10 will go on to develop breast cancer. This is due to a faulty gene which you will be checked for when a diagnosis is pronounced in your family member. It is important to be aware of these faulty genes, and you will be offered scanning and checks depending on your age and the gene. However, only about 3% of breast cancer cases are known to be directly related to the mutated breast cancer gene; 97% of breast cancers happen by "chance".

“Ok, so I’ve read the article. What do I do now?”

Check your breasts! One third of women that read this article still won’t check their breasts because they will be “too busy”, or will “do it later”. Don’t be one of them. Learn you breasts and be breast aware! What size are they? What shape are they? ……

Against Breast Cancer Leaflet (16th October 2015)

Throughout October, Censory Lingerie are donating to Against Breast Cancer. Their informative leaflet provides information on their fantastic work, as well as their overall aim in finding a vaccine. Have a read and see what is going on behind the scenes whilst they work at keeping us safe.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (3rd October 2015)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is now truly upon us with large supermarkets supporting the cause, as well as smaller chain stores and even soap storylines! Poor Maria! At Censory we have officially started our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign over on our Facebook Page where we will be donating 5 pence for every new person that "Likes" our Censory Fan Page. On top of this, Censory will be donating 10% of October's sales to Against Breast Cancer as well as collecting old bras for their Bra Recycling Scheme. If you would like to help us raise money for Against Breast Cancer, come "Like" us at our Facebook Page and we will donate 5 pence for your "Like". Be sure to spread the word around your Facebook Friends! For those of you that are helping us collect old bras, please send them to the following address:

Bra Recycling at Censory 6 Raymond Fuller Way Ashford, Kent. TN24 9TA

For every 9000 bras recycled, Against Breast Cancer receive £1000 in donations towards their ground breaking research in seeking a vaccine against breast cancer. Help us make a difference!

Censory Lingerie - Supporting Breasts Throughout October

21st September 2013 – Online store, Censory Lingerie, is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating 10% of all sales to “Against Breast Cancer” throughout the month of October. Having commenced trading in 2009, Censory Lingerie is putting itself in the spotlight once again. Not this time for its risqué lingerie, but for its support in the raising awareness of breast cancer amongst women and men. Lucy Brown, founder of Censory Lingerie, hopes that the new age of body awareness will see a more positive attitude amongst ladies who do not consider themselves "perfect". "Women are becoming a lot more aware of their body, and learning how to enjoy it" says Ms Brown. "Gone are the days of the tall skinny models, these are now not considered the "norm". Lingerie companies are using size 14 mannequins to model their lines, and plus size ladies have a wider range of lingerie to suit their body types. In supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month we want to emphasise the fact that every lady is "perfect" in their own way." With breast cancer the most common form of cancer amongst women, around 50,000 cases are diagnosed yearly and 300 of these are men. Unlike common belief, it is irrelevant how large or small breasts are, and breast cancer does not necessary run in families. Around 1 in 5 women affected by breast cancer will be under the age of 50. "Breast cancer not only affects women physically, but emotionally and psychologically, and this is what we want to draw attention to. There is no such thing as the perfect figure and women who have had a mastectomy should not think themselves less attractive. Our bodies go through trials and tribulations in our lifetime, and we should be proud of what they achieve for us; not ashamed" says Ms Brown. Censory Lingerie plan to offer a range of sexy mastectomy bras in the near future and hope that in the meantime donating 10% of their sales during the month of October will help in the fight against breast cancer, and the raising of awareness in younger generations. Ms Brown hopes that, by including sales of Censory's Halloween range of costumes and accessories in this campaign, Censory Lingerie will be able to raise around £400 for the charity. In addition to this Censory Lingerie will be donating 5 pence per new "like" on their Facebook page for those wanting to contribute but who might not have the money to do so. She hopes that this will also amount to approximately £100, bringing the overall figure to around £500. Throughout this time, Censory plans to promote breast awareness by providing information for women and men on how to look after their breasts and the symptoms that might need further investigation. They also plan to support Against Breast Cancer’s search for a vaccine against breast cancer via the charity’s "Bra Recycling Scheme" run within the UK. For further information on Censory Lingerie's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, or to find out how to support them, visit their website at Alternatively, join them at to follow their releases throughout the month of October. In support of “Against Breast Cancer” Against Breast Cancer is registered charity number 1121258. The charity is dedicated to funding ground breaking research to improve detection and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis. Their ultimate goal is to discover a vaccine against breast cancer.

Is My Bra Too Small? (24th August 2013)

With all of ladies wearing a bra today, 80% of them are wearing the wrong bra size. Whether the bra be too big or too small, we will help to distinguish how best to decide which bra size you need. A correct bra fitting, will look at the bra straps, bra back and the bra cups to see if they are too big (see article below) or too small. So if you are asking "Is my bra too small?" Here is our guide to help you decide. If you bra is too small you may encounter the following problems: - Your bra band under your bust and around your back cuts into your skin. - Your bra straps cut into your shoulders. This means that not only are your straps too short, but also that your bra cup size is likely too small. - If you are falling out of your bra cup or that your breasts are "spilling" out at the sides or the top. This is a definate sign that your bra is too small and you need to go up a cup size. - Your underwire to your bra, or your underbust bra strap is not lying flat to your chest bone between your cups. This will require you to go up a size in the strap, but by doing this you may need to counteract it by going down a cup size. - Quite a painful and uncomfortable reminder that your bra is too small is if your bra underwire is poking into your breasts, or under your arms. If you need to increase your strap size (30, 32, 34 etc), you may need to decrease your cup size (A, B, C etc) and vice versa as the band and the cups work together in supporting your breasts and giving you the correct fit which is not too small nor too big. By ensuring your bra size is correct, you are less likely to suffer poor posture, back ache, digestion problems and even headaches. Having the correct size bra ensures that the delicate breast tissue is correctly supported to also give you the smoothest effect and uplift under your clothes. If you think your bra size is too small but are not sure how to measure yourself to find out your correct bra size we have compiled this helpful measuring guide here at Censory:

Is My Bra Too Big? (22nd August 2013)

Over 80% of women who wear a bra today are wearing the wrong bra size. Resulting in them asking "Is my bra too big?" Luckily, awareness of the importance of wearing the correct bra size has increased over the years with many of the larger department stores supplying a free bra fitting service in order that women's bra's are not too big nor too small. A correct bra fitting, and the way to ensure that your bra is not too big, consists of the band size and the cup size. So if you are asking "Is my bra too big?" Here is our quick guide to check: - Your bra may be too big if the underwire under your bust is lifting off of your rib cage. - If your cups wrinkle, you probably need to go down a size in the cup. - Your bra band is likely to be too big if you can fit more than 2 fingers underneath the band at the back or between your cups. - Or if your band rides up your back. You will need to reduce your band size under your bust and around your back. - If your bra is too big your breasts will not fill your cups. You will need to reduce your bra cup size. - Lastly, your bra may be too big if your bra straps are loose on your shoulders and you have to keep pulling the straps up. If you need to reduce your bra cup size, be sure that you don't need to increase your band size and vice versa as the band and the cups work together in supporting your breasts and giving you the correct fit which is not too big. The results of having a bra that is too big can be poor posture, premature loss of elasticity of the skin on the bust and decolletage due to lack of support from not wearing a bra the correct size, and damage to the delicate breast tissue. If you think your bra might be too big and are unsure how to measure your bust size correctly, here is a size guide to help measure the cup size and under the bust correctly:

**5 Reasons Why BodyStockings Should Be In Your Lingerie:** (7th August 2013)

5) The warmer weather is here, one great reason to strip off in the bedroom ! 4) Top of the Trends, and guaranteed to find one to suit you ! 3) With many under £10 you can spice up your underwear drawer at a fraction of the cost ! 2) You will feel super sexy in it ! 1) And he will love you in it, Guaranteed ! With many different styles on the market, you are guaranteed to find one that you love ! Short sleeves, long sleeves, long leg, cut away, bodice style, fishnet, sheer .... And many many more ! *Check Out Our Body Stocking Range* CLICK HERE

Colours for Blondes (14th March 2013)

When considering underwear and clothing colours for blondes, it is difficult to make a mistake. Luckily, blondes are able to wear a multitude of colours and tones to complement their skin tone and hair colour. When choosing colours, take into consideration your skin tone. A paler skin toned blonde may get “washed away” and made to look too pale in strong underwear colours such as red, orange and yellow. We would recommend that a blonde with a paler skin shade is best suited to those colours that complement a red head. These are such colours as navy, burgundy, brown, burnt orange and deep greens. For the blonde with a more tanned or olive complexion, try a bright colour such as electric blue, vibrant green or purple. Red, orange or yellow also work well. These colours in Summer will make you look stunning. If you fancy a stronger colour and you have a pale skin tone, a little fake tan in a “light tan” will mean that you are able to wear vibrant colours without the colour becoming too overpowering for your complexion. Generally, blondes can wear a colour such as lilac, pale pink, soft pastel green, baby blue or coral. This is a great way to dress up a simple black suit or white shirt with accessories or a beautiful scarf in your chosen colours from above. With further regards to black and white; if you have a paler complexion stay away from white near the face and accessorise instead. Black works better. If you have a more tanned or olive skin, white works perfectly. Black may strip your complexion so best to dress it up with a colour closer to your face and hair, such as red. Overall, blondes are very lucky that they can pull off a multitude of colours and tones with, if need be, a little tanner to wear brighter colours in Summer. Have fun with your underwear wardrobe and experiment. Keep many accessories in your specified colour from above and, if need be, you can break up colours that are less flattering near your face and hair to make the most of your choices.

Colours for Redheads (28th February 2013)

Anyone that has changed their hair colour recently will know that changing your hair colour to red means a whole new wardrobe from that of a blonde or brunette, but the rewards are beautiful. As red hair colours come in a multitude of shades it is important to consider your complexion when choosing your underwear and clothing wardrobe and whether your hair is a subtle strawberry blonde, sexy copper, autumn auburn or a stunning deep red, you can be sure to stand out as a natural beauty in the crowd with our colour tips. As red is a fiery colour we would always opt for a simple earthy solution of neutral colours, such as browns, olive greens, beiges and golds. These colours close to your face will compliment your hair colour no end, and they are simple to accessorise with by incorporating a scarf or jewellery. Make-up in these colours will work wonders at emphasising your eyes and hair colour too. As natural redheads tend to have a paler complexion and have difficulty tanning, we would recommend natural tanners for the face, or tanning makeup if you want to wear the bolder colours (below) so as not to "wash-out" your complexion. If your red hair is a sexy copper or deep red then you can get away with a lot of the colours that suit brunettes, like teal and navy blue. These can again be accessorised with a simple scarf or jewellery in beige or gold to keep the block colour away from the face. If you hair colour is that of a strawberry blonde, colours that compliment blondes will compliment you too. These include pale blue and pale pink. There is a lot of debates in the fashion world whether clashing red hair colour with pink, purple, red etc is considered trendy or not. This is obviously your choice as when done in the correct way, it can look amazing. But you have to very cleverly accessorise so as not to look too stark. The main rule is to stay away from colours that are too close to your hair colour, so no burgendy or deep red. Instead opt for a orange-red for copper hair and stay away from yellow and orange for strawberry blondes. The one colour that you shouldn't live without, and if you haven't tried it you should, is green. Opt for a pale or spring green for strawberry blonde hair, or an olive green for copper hair colours. We guarantee that it will look amazing and compliments will flow. Redheads can wear black and white, however too close to the face will cause you to look pale so accessorise to break up the colour. A simple black jacket with a beige/gold scarf will compliment your hair colour perfectly, or alternatively a white top with olive green jewellery will work well too. All in all, redheads always stand out in a crowd next to their brunette and blonde peers and with a few tweaks and clever accessorising you too can be confident that your new hair colour will be loved by all.

Colours for Brunettes (28th February 2013)

Want to feel confident in your underwear and clothes? Want colours that will assensuate and flaunt your skin colour and bring out your best features? Here the is first of a 3 article guide on which colours suit hair colours brunette, blonde and redhead to ensure that you feel confident in your underwear and your clothes. Brunettes are very lucky in that they can look good in many different colours, from neutral to vibrant, depending on their skin tone. As many brunettes have olive skin or tan easily, excellent colours are vibrant and bright shades of teal, electric blue, purple and turquoise. These are fantastic at offsetting the neutral/earthy colour of the hair in contrast and will compliment eye colour. Team with some brown accessories for turquoise and teal to compliment your eyes and a lighter neutral shade of accessories for blue and purple. For the paler skin brunette stay away from the vibrant colours as they will drain your skin colour from your face and make you look paler. Compliment your hair and skin colour with paler shades of those mentioned above, such as pale green, pale blue, pale pink and lilac. These will be sure to bring out the best in your appearance. Luckily for brunettes, they can wear a whole range of neutral colours that can be dressed up with accessories. For example any skin tone of a brunette will look fabulous in beige, tan, burnt orange or olive green and these colours add an element of class by complimenting so well. Advice would be to stay away from brown in a block colour near the face as it will blend all your features together, but brown with gold/beige/green through it will work fine. Brunettes can easily wear black and white, but stay away from grey. Again, with black and white, if you have a pale colouring keep the block colour away from the face by accessorising with jewellery or scarfs as a black or white too close to the pale skin can wash it out. And lastly reds. Reds are such a colour that with every hair colour it has its own catagory. For brunettes say to the more "neutral" red of burgendy or wine. Any orange/reds will be too overpowering for your complexion. These colours mentioned above are not just for clothing, these colours work and look beautiful in underwear pieces too. For bikinis and swimwear choose a colour mentioned above (stay away from white and black unless you have a tan) or opt for a gold for a darker complexion, or bronze for a paler complexion. Whichever colour you choose from above you can be confident that you will be bringing out your beautiful eye and hair colour and will look absolutely stunning.

Top 10 Sexy Lingerie Garments (23rd January 2013):

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, what more effective way to surprise your partner than a little surprise of gorgeous lingerie. Through the years we have identified a continued pattern of what sexy underwear females purchase in order to add a little zest to their lingerie draw and here are our top-rated 10 picks of sexy lingerie for females: 10. Teddy Lingerie Many women are not aware of what Teddy lingerie is. Do you know? If not, you are missing out on some truly sexy lingerie! Teddy lingerie is underwear that is worn on the upper body, like a bodysuit or a swimsuit or an item of lingerie that joins the bra top to the panties. It is often made from a sheer fabric or lace and often ties at the back and the neck. It's cut away portions make it sensual as it shows a bit of skin, but keeps the bust underwraps. 9. Garters and Suspender Belts Garters and suspender belts are one and the same thing. They are worn around the hips and the suspender straps continue to keep your stockings up. These a great piece of lingerie and are often made of lace, however you can get leather, pvc or latex ones as well. They are made in a choice of colours which means that you can jazz up any black/white/red lingerie set with one which provides a whole new look, and men go wild for them! A superb choice for wedding night underwear too. 8. Waist Clinchers/ Corsets A popular pick on the high streets at the moment! Corsets can be worn as sexy underwear of coupled with a cute low slung jean or black trousers for the evening hours. Heaps of corset top dresses are being made nowadays as the corset is great for shaping the waist and uplifting the bust. A must to add to the underwear drawer as it is so variable. The waist clincher is a smaller sort of corset which is used for predominantly slimming the middle and if often purchased along with an underwear set. It covers only the waist, not the bust, but looks super sexy! 7. Bodystockings These have become more well-known in the last few years due to how inexpensively you can pick these up. They take up hardly any room in your lingerie drawer and your partner will go wild for them! Normally in fishnet or transparent fabrics, some have long sleeves, some may be purchased in a teddy design (as mentioned above) and some have long legs and envelop the feet. It really depends on your taste. I haven't come across a bodystocking so far that will cost more than £20 and a lot are in the £8- £14 range so extremely reasonably priced. We can't promise your partner will want you to keep it on for long though! Also brilliant for the plus size woman as they are typically made of stretch fabrics. 6. Bodysuits Bodysuits have hit the high street again! Team with a pair of tailored trousers rather than putting on a blouse or shirt as their fit does not leave undesired gathering like a shirt does, or couple with a skirt for the evening hours. Their tight fit makes them ultra sexy and they can be purchased in lace or transparent materials, like the bodystockings, which makes them see through for the bedroom. Again, a very variable piece of underwear. 5.Stockings/ Hold ups Who can leave out the sexy stockings?! Yet another great way to jazz up an old underwear set without spending a fortune. Choose a hold-up stocking which adheres to your thigh and stops you losing your stockings walking down the road (!!) Or, instead team with a suspender belt for maximum thrills. For fancy dress parties, stockings or tights are a must. Many retailers now retail tights and stockings that accessorize any fancy dress costume. Really good for Halloween and Christmas! 4.Swimwear Even while mainly for summer, there is always a great deal of swimwear sold throughout the year. Lately womens swimwear has developed to be more than just the high legged swimsuit of the 60's, but has become quite a fashion statement with the "mix and match" bikinis, cut away swimsuits, thong backs and scarcely there bikini tops. Great for an all over tan ... and ultra sexy! 3.Sleepwear We deliberated whether to put nightwear into the top 10, but after an awful lot of consideration we really didn't want to leave it out (hence the number 3 positioning). In the not so distant past nightclothes was thermal pyjamas with long sleeves that you wore when you were cuddling your hot water bottle. Well, the noughties have seen the closure to that with it's fashion of effortless silk and satin pj's, Babydoll lingerie, chemises and gowns. Many nightclothes are now sold with coordinating accessories and dressing gowns in silk or satin. It's a new age and with it came sexy sleepwear! 2.Bra's Well bras, where exactly to start? White, black, red, nude, push-up, supporting, gel-filled and multi-straps. Bra's simply have to come at number 2 with their versatility. Be certain that you get your body measured frequently at your local department store as badlyfitting bras are not sexy, nor are they any good for your breasts. Personalize a very simple bra set with complimenting jewellery and stockings or heels and watch him go wild! Or perhaps, try the huge range of 1/2 cup bras or shelf bras available on the web. A large craze for the bedroom! 1.Thongs This is a collective number 1 of thongs, french knickers, ruffle panties, boyshorts, hot pants and whatever else you may very well select to put on your derriere! A inexpensive and sultry way to spice up your underwear drawer with no need of breaking the bank. Ruffle panties are hot property this year under dresses and skirts, but we appear to be seeing the back of the thongs, pardon the pun with french knickers and boyshorts taking over in popularity. Perhaps that's not such a bad thing as they appear to have earned their second label of cheese wire. If you are looking for a cheap and sensual garment of underwear to surprise your spouse, why not try the crotchless panties?

Choosing Lingerie for Your Figure (21st January 2013):

Buying sexy lingerie for your shape can be a daunting task with so many variations on the market it is often hard to select the appropriate lingerie to boast your best areas. Hopefully, this article will assist you in your selecting decision. Firstly lets start with the larger shape. A great selection of lingerie for the fuller figure is the babydoll nightie. With it's flowing skirt it covers a multitude of sins. Select a darker colour for that flawless slimming action. As Babydoll nighties can have a fitted top or be one size, if you are looking to losing weight or find that your weight alters, purchase the non fitted cups as you will still be able to wear it over time. An ideal range of sexy undergarments for plus size women is the camisole sets. Which again generally have non cupped tops and are available in multi tones to fit your wardrobe. For the broader hips go with a two piece undergarment set. A good lingerie shop will sell the set in two parts whereby you can choose your chosen sizes. Secondly ladies with a smaller cleavage will want to abstain from loose fitting underwear on the uppermost half as you will need to uplift and contour the bust area. A must for little hips and a heavier bust is the Boyshorts sets accessible for purchase. These lingerie sets are available along with busted tops or bras which add form to the bust and the shorts compensate to widen the hips and create a more silhoutted shape. For ladies with larger tummies pick a corseted number. This can be a multi set which comes with thigh-highs or alternatively pick a plain black corset and team it with some sexy jewellery. This is a effective yet affordable way to silhouette the waist without breaking the bank. Corsets are also fantastic at enhancing a smaller bust as they add shape by uplifting whilst silhouetting the waist. There are some brilliant selections for petite women on the market. It is advised to use a trusted lingerie seller and ask for their petite selection. Generally underwear are made for people five foot and over, if not tailored on leggy six foot models, which is disappointing if you purchase online for your lingerie to materialize to be way too long. All in all, browsing for sexy undergarments is a pleasant experience and being knowledgeable of which sets flaunt your figure makes for great rewards.

Sexy Lingerie Trends Winter 2011 (15th December 2012):

The darker nights are now upon us, so what better way to spice up your evening than with a piece of sexy lingerie detailed here in our Sexy Lingerie Trends UK page? Sexy lingerie trends for winter are subdued tones in burgendy, plum and khaki and our affordable sexy bra sets are always a winner. Try a purple lingerie set, or a piece of burgendy babydoll lingerie to make you feel good. And staying up to date with<b<="" b=""> need not cost a fortune. A sheer black bodystocking is sexy, and most are available for under £10 with free delivery. Or why not try a piece of affordable babydoll lingerie? Babydoll lingerie is popular plus size lingerie as it can compliment a fuller figure with their cascading skirts helping to hide the winter pounds, or a silk or satin chemise in plum or burgendy to give an elegant look to the lingerie wearer. If you are a looking for a slimming colour you will be pleased to learn that black lingerie is popular this winter with black lingerie being readily available on the high street and an excellent collection available in most online shops. Winter white is a popular colour this winter, with lingerie trends incorporating the canary yellow if you are a fan of the brighter colours in your drawer. Beige, cream and taupe are a hit, as is burnt orange and shades of brown. So lots of choice for the sexy lingerie wearer. Be sure to check out our full range of sexy lingerie trends and sexy plus size lingerie available online. All garments have a free delivery option so you can be sure that our range of sexy lingerie is as affordable as possible. Happy shopping for your Winter sexy lingerie trends. </b

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